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Service Areas

The Number-One Neighborhood Plumbing Installation Company in Cheyenne, WY


It's easy to forget about plumbing, but it's never easy to put any pipe or drainage issues in Cheyenne, WY, out of sight. Worse, your plumbing is going to announce itself in a very putrid and destructive fashion, which is why having top-notch plumbing installation services troubleshoot your pipe problems is crucial.


At JS Plumbing, you have master plumbers installing a pipe system that won't leak and dislodge for decades. Moreover, you're working with professionals who can easily troubleshoot and repair any pipe, drainage, toilet, kitchen and bathroom issues you might have. With our experts on the job, you can rest easy knowing your pipe and drain problems will be addressed.


Our Service Areas


JS Plumbing resides in Cheyenne, WY, but we also provide plumbing installation services in the following areas:



  • Warren Air Force Base, WY

  • Fox Farm-College, WY

  • South Greeley, WY

  • Ranchettes, WY

  • Wellington, CO

  • Ault, CO

  • Laporte, CO

  • Pine Bluffs, WY

  • Fort Collins, CO

  • Laramie, WY

  • Eaton, CO

  • Severance, CO

  • Windsor, CO

  • Greeley, CO


How Do Plumbers Improve Your Home?


Plumbers play a vital role in enhancing the functionality of kitchens and bathrooms, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow of water. They expertly install and maintain essential plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, faucets, toilets, and showers, which are fundamental to daily activities. Through their knowledge and experience, plumbers ensure reliable water supply and drainage, providing homeowners with comfortable and functional spaces that promote a seamless living experience.


JS Plumbing's plumbing installation services only assign experts who possess the skills and knowledge to swiftly identify and address bathroom and kitchen issues. Whether it's fixing leaky faucets, unclogging drains or repairing faulty pipes, their expertise allows them to tackle problems efficiently. With access to specialized tools and equipment, plumbers can provide effective solutions, restoring the functionality of these essential spaces in no time.


Call Us Today and Get Experts on the Job

Have a pipe problem? Don't wait until it gets worse. Call us today at (307) 214-0779 to fix your plumbing problems in no time!

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Experience Top-Quality Services
from J S Plumbing LLC!

J S Plumbing LLC is a trusted and experienced plumbing company located in Cheyenne! Our highly skilled professionals provide fast, efficient, and reliable services. We also strive to exceed our customers' expectations by delivering high-quality workmanship and open communication channels every step of the way.


Call us today at (307) 214-0779 to experience the J S Plumbing LLC difference!

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